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Sustainability Standards for Food and Agriculture

Food Alliance provides five standards that define sustainability practices in agricultural production, food processing, and distribution.

Sustainability Standard for Crop Operations

Established in 1997, this is the original Food Alliance certification standard for farms. Covers a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, and cereal crops.

Sustainability Standard for Livestock Operations

Established in 2000. Covers beef cattle and bison, sheep and goats, grassfed ruminants, pigs, poultry and eggs, and dairy products.

Sustainability Standard for Farmed Shellfish Operations

Established in 2009. Covers oysters, clams, mussels and geoducks. 

Sustainability Standard for Nursery and Greenhouse Operations

New! Established in 2012. Covers woody ornamentals, annuals, perennials, foliage plants, potted flowering plants and cut flowers.

Sustainability Standard for Food Handling Operations

Established in 2006. Covers packing, processing, and distribution facilities.

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