Landowners and managers of land trusts may have concerns about the condition of their properties and impacts that leasing land for farming will have on areas cultivated or adjacent to fields.

For those landowners and managers, Food Alliance provides auditing and reporting services –

using our established standards, evaluation criteria and inspection process – to provide assurance that lands are being managed sustainably.

After an on-site inspection conducted by a trained professional, Food Alliance will provide an Audit Summary Report with top-level scores for pest management risk, soil and water conservation, protection of wildlife habitat and biodiversity, and an assessment of the operations demonstrated strengths and areas for improvement. Audit tools providing detail on the scoring criterion by criterion will also be available.

The auditing service is available to landowners and land trusts for the basic cost of the application and audit, making this a highly affordable service to assess and track sustainable management.

Participating farm managers have the option to voluntarily pursue Food Alliance certification for their operation and its products, enabling them to make marketing claims if they pass the audit. If Food Alliance certification is sought for the farm and its products, annual licensing fees will be assessed on the tenant according to published Food Alliance certification fee schedules.

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