The application materials for Food Alliance Certified crops and livestock producers are arranged in separate modules which, taken together, comprise the Food Alliance Certified Producer Sustainability Plan.

All applicants should complete modules 1-12. Additional modules are relevant to livestock producers, or unique crops such as cranberries.

Click the links below to download the relevant application modules. The modules will download as fillable Microsoft Word forms, which you can save and complete on your own computer.

Food Alliance Producer Sustainability Plan

Cover Page

Module 00: Application Instructions

Modules 1-12

Module 01: Contact Information

Module 02: Operation Profile

Module 03: Operation Maps

Module 04: Marketing Information

Module 05: Packing and Post Harvest Handling

Module 06: Whole Farm Fixed Criteria

Module 07: Soil and Water Conservation

Module 08: Nutrient Management

Module 09: Integrated Pest, Disease and Weed Management

Module 09A: IPM and Pesticide Risk Reduction

Appendix A Prohibited Pesticide List

Appendix B Reference Guide for Module 9A

Module 10: Safe and Fair Working Conditions

Module 11: Wildlife Habitat and Biodiversity

Module 12: Continual Improvement

Additional Modules

Module 14: Cranberry Producer Applications