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Poultry Certification

Food Alliance offers the most comprehensive sustainability certification for poultry and eggs in North America, with certification standards that address a broad range of consumer concerns about social and environmental responsibility. 

Food Alliance certification for poultry and eggs is available throughout North America to producers of chicken eggs, turkey, and chicken meat. Food Alliance certification requires cage-free production and a vegetarian diet free of non-therapeutic antibiotics and arsenicals.

chickens“My family’s company has a long history of working to protect the environment and benefit our community. Sustainability is a critical component of our business model. We look at certification as a way to be more transparent with our customers about how their food is produced. Food Alliance’s certification program is unique because they cover labor, animal welfare, and environmental issues. No other certification does all that. It really fits our values.”

-Andrew Wilcox, Director of Operations,
Wilcox Family Farms 


Food Alliance Certified egg and poultry growers must meet standards for safe and fair working conditions, soil and water conservation, and protection of wildlife habitat under the Whole Farm/Ranch Criteria (PDF), and operate in compliance with the Poultry & Egg Criteria (PDF).

Food Alliance Certified handling facilities must meet standards for safe and fair working conditions, conservation of energy and water, waste management, elimination of toxic and hazardous materials, and other facility management concerns under the Food Handler Criteria.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on poultry and egg certification.

Did You Know: The Humane Society of the United States supports a switch from purchasing battery cage eggs to Food Alliance Certified cage-free eggs? Read the full letter of support (PDF) >>