Setting the Standard for Sustainable Agriculture Since 1997

Food Alliance certification is a voluntary means for agricultural producers and food companies to address growing customer demand for traceability, transparency, and social and environmental responsibility.

Food Alliance is the most experienced sustainable agriculture certifier in the United States – with over two decades spent developing and maintaining comprehensive sustainability standards and criteria for a wide range of agricultural products, including: fruits, vegetables, grains, livestock, eggs, dairy, shellfish, mushrooms, grains, legumes, horticultural products, and prepared food products made with Food Alliance Certified ingredients.

Food Alliance is a non-profit organization. We are motivated by our mission. That means that Food Alliance certification, with clear, publicly available standards and a rigorous third-party audit process, is a credible and effective way for producers and food companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable management practices.

Food Alliance Offers Five Certification Programs:

Crop Producers

Livestock Producers

Shellfish Farms

Nursery and Greenhouse

Handling Operations

Food Alliance Also Conducts Sustainability Audits:

Sustainability Audits for Educational Purposes

Sustainability Audits for Landowners and Trusts

Contact us directly to discuss custom audits and supply chain risk assessments for social and environmental concerns.

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