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For Processors & Distributors

An introduction to Food Alliance for food handlers including packers, processors and distributors.

Food Alliance provides a sustainability standard which handling operations, including packers, processors, and distributors, may use to evaluate their management practices or seek third-party certification.

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Third-Party Certification

Food Alliance certification is a tool that ensures traceability and accountability in food handling operations. Certification can support a food company's brand, marketing, and sales. 

As the most comprehensive certification program in North America for sustainably produced foods, Food Alliance can help:

  • differentiate and add value to your products,
  • protect and enhance your brand,
  • access niche market opportunities,
  • address buyer concerns for social and environmental responsibility,
  • increase customer loyalty,
  • improve community relations, and
  • gain more control over pricing.

Why your company should be Food Alliance Certified

Already Certified?
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