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For Farmers, Ranchers, Growers

Food Alliance provides highly credible standards and evaluation tools to help farmers, ranchers, and growers evaluate agricultural management practices, measure social and environmental performance, or seek voluntary third-party certification.

Sustainability Standards & Evaluation Tools For:


Third-party Sustainability Certification

Buyers today have more and more questions about where food comes from and how it was produced. Food Alliance certification is a tool that supports marketing and sales of food and agricultural products. Food Alliance certification helps:

  • differentiate and add value to products;
  • protect and enhance brand;
  • access niche market opportunities;
  • address buyer concerns for social and environmental responsibility;
  • increase customer loyalty;
  • improve community relations;
  • gain more control over pricing.

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Tools for Land Trusts & Educational Farms

Agricultural Sustainability Audits for Landowners and Land Trusts
Auditing and reporting services for landowners and land trusts interested in ensuring a defined level of sustainability performance by property managers or tenants.

Food Alliance Partner Farms Program for Educational Farms
For farms that exist for educational, research or charitable purposes and are committed to sustainability.


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