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You are what you eat!

When Food Alliance talks about “sustainable agriculture,” we mean the ability to produce safe, healthy, delicious, and affordable food to meet diverse needs without degrading agricultural lands, the quality of life in our communities, or the resiliency of the broader ecosystems on which we all depend.

Food Alliance offers the most comprehensive certification program for sustainably produced food in North America. We cover the issues that matter to you, including safe and fair working conditions, humane treatment of animals, and protection of the environment. 

Food Alliance certification is backed by a rigorous and independent third-party inspection to our standards, which means Food Alliance Certified products are food you can trust.

Help promote a more sustainable food system.

  • Ask for Food Alliance Certified products
    Support restaurants and retailers that choose Food Alliance Certified products and ingredients for their business, and ask your grocers and favorite restaurants to carry Food Alliance Certified products.
  • Meet Food Alliance Certified producers
    Find certified farms, ranches, processors, packers, and distributors in your area.
  • Learn about Food Alliance certification
    Our comprehensive, third-party certification addresses issues that matter most: safe and fair working conditions, humane treatment of animals, and environmental stewardship.