Use of hormones and nontherapeutic antibiotics (“antimicrobials”) is prohibited in products bearing the Food Alliance certified label.

Nontherapeutic antibiotic use is defined as any use of an antibiotic as a feed or water additive for an animal in the absence of a clinical sign of disease. Nontherapeutic uses generally include growth promotion, feed efficiency, weight gain, improved pigmentation, routine disease prevention, or any other routine purpose. Antibiotic uses for disease prevention are considered nontherapeutic unless it can be shown that one or more animals within a barn, pasture, or feedlot carry a disease, or unless an infection likely to occur because of a specific, non-customary situation (e.g. injury to an animal).

If animals are ill they may be given therapeutic medicines until they recover. If animals are receiving antibiotics due to illness at the time of slaughter or during milking, these food products cannot be labeled Food Alliance certified.

Site inspectors will examine production and veterinary records to ensure fulfillment of this fixed standard.