Business interest in sustainability is increasing and consuConsumers_1mer interest in food issues is at an all-time high.

Chances are that your customers are growing more concerned about the quality, health, the authenticity of products. Do they ask where products come from? Do they want to know more about your commitment to social and environmental responsibility? Are they looking for a story that connects them to the people and the land that provide our food?

Food Alliance can help. Our comprehensive, third-party certification addresses issues that matter most: safe and fair working conditions, humane treatment of animals, and environmental stewardship.

Source from Existing Food Alliance Certified Suppliers

Download a list of Food Alliance Certified Businesses.

Check back periodically as new businesses are added quarterly.

Other online search tools featuring Food Alliance Certified products include:

Ask for Food Alliance Certification

Food Buyers_2Talk with your distributors or direct suppliers about Food Alliance. Ask if they can source Food Alliance Certified products or if they are willing to become Food Alliance Certified.

If they are unaware of Food Alliance, refer them to our website and ask them to contact us.

When you ask for Food Alliance Certified products, you create incentives for suppliers to improve farming and food handling practices and apply for certification – helping you to better meet the evolving needs of your customers.

Be patient but persistent.  This is a new and growing movement. The demand signal you send is critical to promoting more sustainable practices. It may take some time for your suppliers to hear you, but they are listening.  Your efforts to lead, educate and encourage make a difference.

Develop a Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy

Download the Food Alliance sponsored Sustainable Food Policy Guide, which includes resources for developing and improving food purchasing policies.

Existing sustainability standards and rating systems related to food service include:

  • Restaurants and Food Service: Green Seal 46
  • Health Care: Green Guide for Healthcare
  • College and University: AASHE Sustainability Tracking and Rating System
  • Green Buildings: LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance

Consult with Food Alliance

Food Alliance has two decades of experience developing sustainability standards and rigorous audit processes. We have worked with companies large and small on sustainability strategies, risk management in supply chains, and new product and market development.

If you are not sure where to start, we can provide orientations and training for staff on sustainability in agriculture and the food industry, and on the use and value of certification.

If you publish a corporate sustainability report or are considering marketing claims for social and environmental responsibility, we can provide advice and custom audits of farms and facilities to facilitate information gathering, benchmarking, and identification of strengths and potential risks.

Food Alliance certification may not be right for your company yet, but we can apply our standards and evaluation tools to help you find the right path to greater sustainability.


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