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Grassfed Label

Grassfed sealIn order to sell Food Alliance Certified products as 'grassfed,' animals must be raised on pasture or range, where they can browse on an exclusive diet of grass and forage plants. Animals may not be fed grain or grain by-products, or receive hormone or antibiotic treatments of any kind. 

All Food Alliance Certified livestock producers must meet standards for safe and fair working conditions, soil and water conservation, and protection of wildlife habitat under the Whole Farm/Ranch Criteria, as well as healthy and humane animal treatment in compliance with relevant Livestock Criteria.

To earn the grassfed label farms and ranches must meet the requirements of the grassfed inspection module.


“Raising free-range grassfed beef isn’t just about what animals eat. Food Alliance is the only certification program that covers the feed issue, labor conditions, humane animal care, and environmental concerns.  We think Food Alliance certification is a credible way to communicate our commitment to responsibly manage our entire operation, and provide customers a product with the highest quality and integrity possible.”
- Brian Kenny, Division Mgr.
Hearst Ranch Beef

Food Alliance’s grassfed certification expands upon the U.S. Department of Agriculture's legal definition which focuses primarily on what animals eat, to include assurance that animals have never been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, that they have been treated humanely, and that the environment has been protected.